Vol 7, No 4 (2013)

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Quo vadis child health in South Africa? PDF HTML
Dankwart Friedrich Wittenberg 122

Congress Report

The 4th South African Child Health Priorities Conference PDF HTML
Gerald Boon, Haroon Saloojee, Jenny Nash 123

Hot Topics

Keeping children alive and healthy in South Africa – how do we reach this goal? Perspectives from a paediatrician in a District Clinical Specialist Team PDF HTML
Ute Dagmar Feucht 124-126


Ambient pollution and respiratory outcomes among schoolchildren in Durban, South Africa PDF HTML
Rajen Nithiseelan Naidoo, Thomas G Robins, Stuart Batterman, Graciela Mentz, Caron Jack 127-134
Outcomes in malnourished children at a tertiary hospital in Swaziland after implementation of the World Health Organization treatment guidelines PDF HTML
Oscar Benyera, Francis L M Hyera 135-138
Outcomes of babies born before arrival at a tertiary hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa PDF HTML
Mairi Kate Bassingthwaighte, Daynia E Ballott 139-145
Apnoea of prematurity – discontinuation of methylxanthines in a resource-limited setting PDF HTML
Lloyd John Tooke, Kate Browde, Michael C Harrison 146-147
Respiratory outcomes following 100 mg/kg v. 200 mg/kg of poractant alpha: A retrospective review PDF HTML
Elza Cloete, Charmaine Lo, Mariam Jan Buksh 148-152
Pattern of steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome in children and the role of histopathology: A single-centre study PDF HTML
Subal Kumar Pradhan, Pawan Pradeep Mutalik, Anil Kumar Mohanty 153-154

Case Reports

Pulmonary alveolar proteinosis in a child from an informal settlement: 12 litres of fluid drained from the lungs and successful use of ECMO PDF HTML
Debbie A White, Susan R Klugman, Ronit Weil, Elias Zigiriadis, Robin J Green 155-157
Congenital central hypoventilation syndrome and intestinal aganglionosis: A case report PDF HTML
Tanusha Ramdin, Victor Davies 157-159

CPD Questionnaire

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