Vol 15, No 4 (2021)

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Short Reports

Children caught in the long shadow of COVID-19 PDF
Z Dangor, K D Naidoo, H Saloojee, S A Madhi 182


Utilisation of paediatric surgical theatres at the Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital, Johannesburg PDF
S Ford, N Brink, N Martin, S Soares, B Manicom, T Mahadea, M Reynolds, A Grieve, J Loveland, T Gabler 185
Complications associated with central venous lines for paediatric oncology patients at Universitas Academic Hospital, Bloemfontein, from 1992 to 2018 PDF
L Mokone, P Ndove, K Magooa, K Tsilo, R Rampeta, E Brits, G Joubert 189
Incidence, types and outcomes of congenital anomalies in babies born at a public, tertiary hospital in South Africa PDF
M M M Mayer, S Velaphi 193
Correlation between pulse oximetry and the clinical profile of children with acute lower respiratory tract infection PDF
A T Chinawa, B F Chukwu, J M Chinawa, O C Nduagubam, A E Aronu 198
Physical activity and sedentary behaviours during pregnancy are associated with neonatal size at birth PDF
A Prioreschi, S V Wrottesley, S A Norris 201
Early language development in children with autism (ages 3 - 5 years) in Bloemfontein, South Africa: A comparative study PDF
N Scholtz, S Aveling, C de Jager, C Scheepers, D J Griessel, G Joubert 208
Prevalence of coeliac disease in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes mellitus in a tertiary hospital in South Africa PDF
M Karsas, A J Terblanche, T Kemp, J C van Dyk 212


A scoping review to identify the type and effect of hand hygiene interventions on the reduction of infectious diseases (including COVID-19) in preschool children PDF
S Lange, T G Bernard, N Naicker 218

Case Reports

Sirenomelia with major cardiac anomalies PDF
R T Saggers, R Charlton, P Nongena, S C Velaphi 224
Orchiepididymitis in a 14-year-old boy with concurrent SARS-CoV-2 infection PDF
M Wronowski, W Woźniak, M Wanke-Rytt, K Jażdzewski, E Kuchar, M Kloc, J Z Kubiak 226
Choreoathetosis and dystonia in a child with COVID‑19 and multisystem inflammatory syndrome PDF
P Z Mteshana, K D Naidoo, V Rowjee, M P K Hauptfleisch, Z Dangor 228



CPD Questionnaire